25th Anniversary IAQ

(Infrequently Asked Questions)


Q: Who was your first hop supplier?

A: Hop Union of Yakima Washington – off the shelf.

Q: Who is your hop supplier now?

A: Still buy from Hop Union but we grow seven varieties of dual purpose hops in Independence Oregon. They are picked, kilned, and baled at the Hopyard.


Q: Who was your first malt supplier?

A: Great Western Malting with a plant in Vancouver, WA.

Q: How about now?

A: Still buy malt from Great Western but they now custom malt spring and fall barley we grow in Tygh Valley Oregon on 200 acres in the rain shadow of Mt. Hood.


Q: Did you malt your own then?

A: No.

Q: Do you now?

A: Yes, we do farmstead micro and floor malting in Tygh Valley and roast some malt in Newport.


Q: What yeast did you use?

A: Proprietary PacMan yeast.

Q: What yeast do you use now?

A: Still PacMan in most brews.


Q: Who maintained your proprietary yeast culture in 1988?

A: Wy-Yeast in Hood River Oregon

Q: And today?

A: Same place.


Q: Who built your first stainless tanks?

A: JVNW – Woodburn Oregon.

Q: Who built your most recent?



Q: Who was your first beer distributor?

A: The Lytle family.

Q: Who distributes Rogue today in Oregon and Washington?

A: Lytle family.


Q: Where did you get your first bottles, and today?

A: Owens-Illinois plant in Portland Oregon, then and now.

Q: How long has John Maier brewed for Rogue?

A: He is in his 25th year – 17,000 brews.


Q: Same ownership group or are you owned by a big company?

A: Same group.


Q: How did you deliver beer in 1988?

A: In Jack’s 1976 Chevy custom 4×4 farm pick up – named Pink. Today Pink lives at our farm in Independence.


Q: Who was the 1st chairman of the board?

A: John’s dog, Brewer.

Q: Who is chairman today?

A: Still Brewer.


Q: Who is Mr. Bill?

A: Our first Bay pub entertainment. Mr. Bill’s Traveling Trivia Show is now in its 25th year.


Q: What was your creed in 1988?

A: Four points:

– Make World Class products.

– Put them in World Class packages.

– Promote them with Unique Thunder.

 – Be good citizens of our communities.


Q: What is your creed today?

A: Sound familiar?

– Make World Class products.

– Put them in World Class packages.

– Promote them with Unique Thunder.

– Be good citizens of our communities.


Q: Did you distill spirits in 1988?

A: No, not until 2003, but mashing is the most critical step for both ale and spirits.


Q: Did you export in 1988?

A: Only within the state of Jefferson. First export was to Japan in 1995.


Q: Why did you acquire West Brothers in Eugene, Issaquah Brew Haus, Bogarts in Portland, Portland Brewing’s original location, Green Dragon in Portland?

A: Historical preservation.


Q: How have Rogue icons and rituals changed in 25 years?

A: They have not. Remain in the business of Revolution, education, and entertainment.


Q: What’s your goal for the next 25?

A: Grow the Revolution.