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Estate Grown Farms

it all begins in the dirt
dirtoir [durt-whar] noun: The combination of factors, including soil, climate, and environment, that gives a ROGUE its distinctive character(Read "No More Pinot Envy" to learn more.)
rogue farm
At our farms in Independence and Tygh Valley, Oregon, Rogue grows more than a dozen ingredients for our beer, spirits, cider and soda. Seven varieties of hops, two varieties of malting barley, rye, pumpkins, marionberries, jalapeños and honey make up the proprietary palate of flavors Brewmaster John Maier uses to create our craft beverages.


View an Illustrated Map of ROGUE FARMs: Independence / Tygh Valley
Ever wonder where beer comes from? All of our craft beverages are made with ingredients grown right here in the dirt of Rogue Farms. Join us for tours of our hopyard, the rye field, and the pumpkin, marionberry and jalapeño patches. Explore our 1200-acre, 119 colony honeybee apiary where we grow the honey for our Mead, Kolsch, Braggot, Cider and Soda. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at our hop processing facility where we strip, sort, separate, kiln, cool and bale the hops that go into all of Rogue’s ales, porters, lagers and stouts.

Made in collaboration with Mother Nature.

The best way to appreciate a Rogue Farms craft beverage is to try one for yourself on the farm where we grew the ingredients. The Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room is the birthplace of Rogue Farms beers and spirits. Relax in the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation with views of the hops, pumpkins, rye, marionberries, jalapeños and honeybees. Enjoy our proprietary palate of flavors on draft or from the bottle.


The hours of operation change with the seasons. Please check our Hours & Directions tab for the latest information.

Stay close to the farm.

The Grand Hotel in Salem is a nearby location where you can spend the night before or after you come see us in Independence, Ore.

Click here to visit their website and find about more about their accommodation in Salem: Grand Hotel
For the most up to date information please email Kyle at

How To Find Rogue Farms By Air, Land and Sea

By Air: The nearest general aviation airport is the Independence State Airport, a mile northwest of town. Facilities include self-serve 100LL aviation fuel. FAA Identifier: 7S5 Coordinates: 44-52.017500N / 123-11.894833W
By Land: Our address is 3590 Wigrich Road, Independence, Oregon, 97351 - seven miles southeast of Independence or five miles northeast of Buena Vista. We offer free valet parking for bicyclists and horse riders.
By Sea: Guests are welcome to land their boats, kayaks and canoes at our private beach on the Willamette River between mileposts 101 and 102, about four miles downriver from the Buena Vista Ferry. Camping is not permitted on the beach.

Growing the Revolution

Dream Pumpkins
Sweet and flavorful, Rogue Farms Dream Pumpkin are chopped, roasted and brewed fresh on the day they’re picked. See how we go from Patch to Batch.
Dream Rye
Slugs, rain, floods and hail – Rogue Farms Dream Rye takes a beating and keeps on growing. Read more about the journey from Ground To Glass.
Malting Barley
Risk™ and Dare™ 2-row malting barley thrive in the volcanic loess of the Tygh Valley Appellation. Estate grown, farmstead malted. Learn about the “soul” of beer.
Our proprietary palate of seven varieties of Rogue Farms hops grow in the alluvial dirt of the Wigrich Appellation. Follow our hops from bine to brew.
We grow our jalapeños until they’re ripe and red, then dry smoke them over alder and cherry to create chipotles. Read how our peppers travel from seed to shot.
The first marionberries were grown right across the river from Rogue Farms. Today we continue that heritage. Find out why the origin of our ingredients is so important.
99% of hazelnuts in the United States are grown in Oregon. Discover how these flavorful nuts go from terroir to tap.
Free Range Chickens
It’s a co-op, not a coop. Our Free Range Chicks have their own wi-fi, twitter feed, and the occasional revolution against oppressive tyrants.
Honey Bees
Get the latest buzz on the hardest working members of the Rogue Farms family.
Potbellied Pigs
They eat. They nap. They cause trouble. Follow Voo and Doo’s adventures on the Farm Blog.
Royal Palm Turkeys
They guard the chicks from predators, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice. Our Royal Palm turkeys are the sentinels of the farm.

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